WooCommerce – How to Hide Products by Country

Imagine you receive a notification that some of your products have been banned in a country. You cannot sell them there anymore just because the government of that country has said they no longer allow your products to be sold there. If you continue, then you’ll have to pay high taxes and maybe get into legal issues.

That’s not good because first, you don’t want to get into any trouble with any government, and second, you won’t like to pay high taxes because that will affect your profit.

That’s why we’ll show you how to hide products in a specific country using the Country Catalogs for WooCommerce plugin.

Install the plugin

As you’ll see, this plugin helps you easily restrict products from appearing in your WooCommerce store when people visit your site from a specific country. However, you should not think it only helps you with one country; you can restrict all the countries you wish.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Country Catalogs for WooCommerce Plugin - or - Read more

Open the plugin

Once you’ve installed the Country Catalogs for WooCommerce plugin, you need to open it and you’ll find a welcome page, which will guide you to select the options you need. To open the plugin, go to WooCommerce > Advanced Country Restrictions.

OPTION 1: Hide ALL products in selected countries

Once you open the plugin, click on Open Global Settings to open the necessary fields to hide your products in specific countries.

Once there, you need to set these values to hide all products in selected countries:

  • Geolocation Method: This is Optional; we’ll use it to show you that in fact products are hidden on the countries you select.
  • Restriction method: Hide product from the catalog

  • Select country: Enter the country or countries where you want to hide all your products.
  • Sell in selected countries: No
  • Click on Save changes

Someone visiting your store from the countries you’ve selected won’t see any of your products in the store. For example, if you’ve hidden your products from El Salvador, your Salvadoran customers won’t see any products on your store.

However, your visitors from USA will be able to see all your products.

OPTION 2: Hide INDIVIDUAL product in selected countries

Another option is to hide individual products in selected countries. For example, we have a purple t-shirt in our store entitled T-SHIRT. We’ll hide that product from El Salvador.

In order to hide that product, you need to open the plugin by going to WooCommerce > Advanced Country Restrictions and then you need to click on Open the list of products.

This will open your list of products, from which you need to select the product you’ll hide and open it.

Then, you need to scroll down and go to Product data > General > Country restrictions. After that, you need to set these values in order to hide the product in selected countries.

  • Select country: El Salvador (or any other country)
  • Sell in selected countries: No
  • Click on Update

Now, someone visiting your store from El Salvador won’t see the selected product in the store.

However, customers from USA will be able to see the product.

It’s really simple!

As you can see, the Country Catalogs for WooCOmmerce plugin makes it really simple for you to hide products from the catalog in different countries.

You can download the plugin here:

Download Country Catalogs for WooCommerce Plugin - or - Read more

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