Product Restrictions
by States and Provinces

Easy to use plugin to restrict your products by states or provinces, it works with any country.

4.9 out of 5 stars

Last update: 120 days ago. Compatible with: WordPress +6.4 and WooCommerce +4.0.0

Sell only on the states and provinces you want

How do we restrict your products?

We have three different ways for your customers to choose their state or province, and you can customize them any way you prefer

Pop-Up Selector

You can display a pop-up when your customer visits your site and ask them to select their state from the list of allowed states

Header Selector

Your customers will be able to change their state/province at any moment during the navigation of your site with a header drop down selector

At Checkout

When a visitor tries to purchase a restricted product, our plugin will remove it from the cart and display a customizable message

Full compatibility

wordpress and woocommerce

Will it work on my country?

It works everywhere

Our plugin works on any country and will fit any E-Commerce Store

Automatic list

It's easy to generate a list of states and provinces with our
predefined sets

Manual list

If we don't have a predefined list of states for your country, you can add your custom list of states/provinces

Get things running now

Our plugin has an easy-to-use interface, you don't need to know anything about coding and you will have your restrictions setup within 5 minutes.

Product Restrictions by States and Provinces helps you focus more on selling rather than hiding and restricting

restrict states

What happens when a product is restricted?

Our plugin is very flexible and you can select any of the following options

Exclude from catalog listing​

Make your products dissapear from your shop catalog so your users don't get confused on what they can purchase or not

Redirect product page to URL​

Don't let that sale go! Redirect your customer to another simmilar product when the one they tried to purchase is not available

The product page should disappear completely​

If you don't want your customers to see any trace of your product, you can make the page dissapear completely

The product page should show the contents from this page​

Build a beautiful custom page with a page builder and show it to every customer who tries to purchase a restricted item

Show message in the product page​

Don't let your customers down! Let them know why they can't purchase a product or show a friendly message

Show message in the checkout page​

You might not want to be rude and remove the product from the cart without explaining, let your customers know why they can't purchase

Remove product from the cart and checkout​​

Put up a guard at your checkout page and automatically remove the product from the cart if the state or province is not allowed

Hide product price​

Show your products on the catalog shop and their individual pages but hide their prices

Hide product reviews​

Hide your product reviews if it's not necessary for your customers to see them

Remove add to cart​

Do you want to restrict your products, but also want to let your customers take a peek at them? Just remove the "add to cart" button from the page!

Support for physical and digital products

Set four different restriction levels

Single Products

Set your restrictions at a product leve and get granular control over what products can be seen or not

Product categories

Set restrictions on entire categories to be shown only on certain states or provinces

Product variations

If you have variable products, you can offer different product variations based on states or provinces.

Global restrictions

Apply your state settings globally and forget about setting more restrictions

Setup in less than 5 minutes...

  1. Select what you want to restrict (products, categories and/or coupons)
  2. Choose states and provinces as the restriction method
  3. Add the states/provinces automatically or manually
  4. Choose the states where you want the restrictions to be applied
  5. Customize restrictions. Done!


Restrict Coupons by State

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with Cache Systems?

Yes. It works with all the cache systems, including cloudflare, WPEngine, Pantheon, Siteground, WPRocket, WP Optimize, etc

Compatibility with other plugins?

We’ve tried the plugin with the most popular WooCommerce extensions and it works very well.

Will it work with my theme?

Yes, our plugin will work with any well-coded WooCommerce theme.

Will this work with future WooCommerce updates?

Yes. We release updates every month and we make sure it works perfectly with the latest WooCommerce Version, plugins and themes.

Do you offer refunds?

We provide refunds if the plugin doesn’t work and we’re unable to fix the issue.

If you don’t know if the plugin will work for you, you can start a 7-days free trial.

Do I have to renew every year?

Yes, if you buy a yearly license.

We also have lifetime licenses, so you can use the plugin forever and receive updates forever for a one-time payment.