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Success story

How we developed a web platform used by McDonalds and Starbucks

Southapps is a mobile app development company from Argentina.

They had a big challenge. They were maintaining a SaaS platform developed several years ago, which had several technical issues and the customer base had outgrown their current capacity and features.

The platform is used by big companies like McDonalds Argentina, McDonalds Uruguay, McDonalds Chile, Starbucks Argentina, the biggest supermarket chain in Argentina, among others.

So we teamed up with Southapps to develop the platform from scratch using the latest technologies and standards.

Southapps handled all the mobile app development (they built custom apps for McDonalds, Starbucks, and the generic platform) and we handled all the REST API, Web app, Web backend for the Client, Billing system, Server, and Backend for Companies using the apps.

We also scaled WordPress to handle a very high number of concurrent users and huge data sets.

Success story

Green Jay Media

Green Jay Media is a Business Development and SEO Agency based in Texas, USA.

They provide a wide range of services to companies from Texas and they manage a high number of business websites.

They had two challenges.

They needed programmers for the SEO division to implement the latest technical SEO guidelines (AMP, Instant Articles, On-page optimizations, Site speed).

They also needed WordPress developers to build custom features into the companies websites to make sure they are competitive, they don’t have technical issues, and work along side their marketing strategies.

Success story

How IconicWP was able to double down on its marketing efforts

IconicWP is a WooCommerce plugins shop based in the UK, it’s famous for the extremely high quality of its plugins and it’ s experiencing a huge growth rate.

They had a big challenge. Make sure the plugins work perfectly with all WooCommerce themes and WooCommerce extensions, and take care efficiently of tier 2 support (tickets that require a developer).

We worked with IconicWP and we were able to reduce the support load considerably, they’ve been able to focus their time on their marketing campaigns instead of spending too much time on support.

We were able to talk to customers, identify issues happening on IconicWP’s plugins, other WordPress plugins, and WooCommerce itself; and create patches to fix any compatibility issues, which are later included in official plugin updates.

Our average closing time per ticket has been 25 minutes.

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