We’ve been in a wild journey since the day our company was founded.
We started with a team of 3 members. We created a magazine website about christianity (El Punto Cristiano). Our goal was to make it one of the biggest sites about religion in latinoamerica, we achieved that goal in 2016. We developed the site on the wrong platform though (Blogger), we moved to WordPress a few months later.
We were running the magazine and focusing internally on the technical aspects, diving deep into the technology, SEO, and marketing.
We launched our web agency division. We started offering our programming services and building a client portfolio, we started working with individuals and companies from Spain and latinoamerica focusing on WordPress sites, mainly designing and developing WordPress themes from scratch for blogs and eCommerce stores.
We grew our clients portfolio.
Highlights of the year: We developed our first big platform using WordPress. It was a tickets selling and events platform for a startup.
We kept growing our spanish-speaking client base and we started offering our services in english going after bigger clients and premium market.
Featured project of the year: We developed our second big platform using WordPress, it was a social network for runners and medical professionals for a startup (Sportive)
We continued growing our services division by forming partnerships with web agencies in Ecuador, USA, Spain, and Argentina.
Our magazine division: At this point our magazine was among the biggest sites in latinoamerica, sending up to 1 million emails per month to our newsletter subscribers, and receiving up to 400,000 page views per month.
We started our WP Plugins division: We invested heavily in the development of our first (own) software product, a spreadsheet editor for WordPress (WP Sheet Editor).
We continued servicing our clients.
We focused on growing our WP Plugin (WP Sheet Editor) in terms of features and users.
We expanded our services portfolio by offering mobile app development to our clients.
Featured project of the year: We developed a big SaaS platform used by McDonalds, Starbucks, and other big companies (Tu VideoCV).
We continued servicing our clients.
We focused on growing our WordPress plugins portfolio, launching more than 6 new products this year and growing our plugins revenue by 2400%.
We diversified our services portfolio by offering technical support for software companies.
Featured project of the year: We invested heavily in a SaaS platform for service companies that we'll launch in 2019.