WooCommerce – Disable Credit Card for New Users

Sometimes we feel that we need to know more our customers to give them our trust. This is not anything negative. It’s normal because of the many credit card fraudulent transactions registered in online stores.

That’s why, in this quick article we want to show you how to disable credit card usage to all users registered in the last 30 days. For this, we’ll use the WooCommerce Conditional Payment Gateways plugin, so you need to install and activate it.

Open the plugin

Once you open the plugin, you’ll find a screen containing the Add condition button, which you need to click on in order to create the condition to disable credit card to new customers.

Also, you’ll find a tutorials section that will guide you to other tutorials on how to use this plugin.

Disable credit card usage for new users

To disable credit card usage for new users, you need to create a condition using these values:

  • Add new condition – Enter the new condition title
  • Condition 1 – Days since registration date <= 30
  • What do you want to do – Disable the payment method
  • Enabled payment gateways – Stripe
  • Click on Publish


As you may have noticed, it’s really simple to disable credit card usage for new users with this plugin. That’s what the plugin is designed to: make your life easier.