WooCommerce – Disable Payment Method for a Specific Country

Hi there! 🙂

In this short article, we’ll teach you how to restrict a payment method in a specific country so that the customers visiting your WooCommerce store from that country aren’t able to use it at the moment of shopping with you. However, the customers from all other countries will be able to use that payment method.

For this process, we’ll use the Conditional Payment Gateways plugin, so you need to install and activate it.

Once you install it, you need to open it, so please go to WooCommerce > Conditional Payment Gateways.

Open the plugin

When you open the plugin, you’ll see the Add condition button, which you need to hit in order to create a new condition.

Disable the “PayPal” payment method for a specific country

For example, if you want to disable the PayPal payment method in Mexico or any other country, just hit the Add condition button and set these values in the new condition:

  • Add new condition – Enter the new condition title
  • Condition 1 – Billing country = Mexico
  • What do you want to do – Disable the payment method(s)
  • Select the payment methods – Paypal
  • Click on Publish


After doing that, you’ll have disabled the PayPal method in Mexico or any other country.