WooCommerce: Disable Payment Method for a Coupon Code

You’ve created some WooCommerce coupons, but you don’t want customers to pay with credit card when using that coupon. They can use a debit card or pay with cash, but not with a credit card.

The first option you have to do that is to use a code, but not everyone is able to do that. It’s somewhat complicated. But don’t worry. There’s another option.

You can use the WP Conditional Payment Gateways plugin. This plugin allows you to create conditions for your payment gateways without using any codes and in seconds. Therefore, you need to install and activate it if you don’t have it yet.

Open the plugin

To open it, go to WooCommerce > Conditional Payment Methods

When you open the plugin, you’ll see the Add condition button, so click on it to create a new condition.

Disable a payment method for a coupon code

To disable a payment method for a coupon, you need to use these values in the condition fields:

  • Enter condition title in Add new condition.
  • Conditions: Coupon — Not equal to — SAVE25 (for example).
  • Enabled payment gateways: Stripe, or the gateway you want to use.
  • Hit the Publish button.


Now your payment method will be disabled for the coupon you’ve selected.

And no. We’re not crazy. It’s that simple!